Fundraising guide

Tips and tricks to help you reach your Walk for Justice 2024 fundraising goals!

Plan your fundraising

Step 1. Establish your event

Identify and map out your concept, including the venue, date, fundraising activities, and guest numbers. We've developed a list of activity ideas [anchor link to “Activity ideas”] below to help get you started.

Step 2. Develop your budget

It's important to set a fundraising goal and keep a record of your expenses. Make sure you know exactly how much your activity will cost so you don't lose money in the process.

Step 3. Secure your donors

Make a list of the friends, family and local businesses you want to approach. Clearly explain what you're fundraising for, and who the event supports. You can find some great info in the Our impact section below [anchor link to “Our impact” section].

Step 4. Host your event

We'd love to know about your fundraising activities, and we'll happily provide any support we can. After the event, please share your photos with hashtag #W4J2024 so we can celebrate your amazing efforts!

Activity ideas

Bake-off: Get in the kitchen and bake some bread, cupcakes or cookies to sell at your office or university. 

Farmers market: If you have a green thumb, sell produce or herbs you grow to add to your fundraising total. 

Dollar matching: Ask a local business to support you by matching every dollar you raise.

Long lunch: Get your best friends together for a long lunch in the sunshine.

Trivia night: Whether it's virtual or in person, there are plenty of trivia themes to try out. Plus, you could leverage trivia nights already hosted around Adelaide.

Go without: Give up one of your favourite things for one month, like coffee or streaming services.

Swear jar: Bring in an office or university swear jar between now and the Walk for Justice (or give it a legal flair and make it an 'unnecessary latin' jar - necesse hydria, if you will!)

Movie night: Put a white wall and projector to good use and air a popular film at home – just don't forget the snacks! You can make popcorn and fairy floss, or re-sell your favourite theatre treats.

Casual Friday: Enjoy a day away from the suit with a comfy or quirky Friday as a team builder for a donation. 

BBQ/sausage sizzle: Host your very own fundraising BBQ, without the trip to Bunnings.

Crafty side hustle: Get crafty and make your own soap/candles/etc to sell via online marketplaces.

Office snack station: Make use of the afternoon munchies and sell snacks or coffee supplies to your colleagues. 

Birthday gifts: This year, ask your family and friends to donate instead of giving you gifts.

Promote yourself online

All our fundraisers have a personalised fundraising page and there are two simple steps you can take to smash your fundraising and best your colleagues!

Customise your page

This shows your potential donors how serious you are and why you want to make a difference.

  • Add a photo to your fundraising page 

  • Update your story so people know why you’re taking part in Walk for Justice 2024
Get sharing!

After you’ve sponsored yourself and set up your page it's time to start fundraising.

  • Email everyone you know to ask them for their support
  • Share your page on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin with the hashtag #W4J2024 

Our impact

It’s important you let people know why you’re raising money for Walk for Justice 2024. You can use these quick facts and stories to show people the good that their donation will do.

Why we're walking

For every $1 we raise, approximately $10 of free legal work is delivered for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. 

Held on 21 May 2024 (National Pro Bono Day), the walk celebrates the legal sector’s pro bono contribution to resolving thousands of legal matters for South Australians facing disadvantage.

Every year, Walk for Justice provides a whopping 27% of JusticeNet SA's funding so we can continue helping those who need it most.

Sonya's Story

Sonya* receives the disability support pension and lives in community housing. She was being bullied by her neighbours, who complained to SACAT in an attempt to have her evicted.

We helped Sonya negotiate with her landlord so that she could be transferred to a different property, away from her neighbours.

John's Story

Having lived in his public housing property for nearly 20 years, John* was referred to Homeless Legal when his landlord obtained an order to evict him. He didn't have anywhere else to go.

We helped John apply for an urgent review of the decision to evict him. At the hearing, orders were made about clean-up plans, financial counselling and other support but, critically, John was given the gift of time.

*Name changed to protect privacy  

About JusticeNet SA

JusticeNet SA is a not-for-profit legal service for South Australians in need. We help vulnerable people access the justice they deserve by empowering lawyers to give back through meaningful pro bono work.

Since 2008, JusticeNet SA has worked tirelessly to stop disadvantaged people from slipping through the cracks in the legal system. Our pro bono clearing house and discrete task assistance clinics support people experiencing hardship, including poverty and homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, and people representing themselves in court.

We provide a structured environment for top-tier law firms to fulfil their pro bono targets and equip lawyers with the skills they need to tackle the complexity of this work.

Pro Bono Connect

We connect people and charities with lawyers who can help them resolve their civil law problems.

Self-Representation Service

We offer legal advice and assistance to people representing themselves in the Federal Courts.

Homeless Legal

Our outreach legal service helps people who are experiencing (or are at risk of) homelessness.

1,172 legal matters

400 clinic appointments 
with our pro bono partners

211 clinic sessions 
at our Federal Court Self Representation Service

$1.2 million
worth of free legal work on completed files and millions more for ongoing files

Thank you to our sponsors

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Gold sponsor

Lang Family Foundation

Silver sponsors

College of Law

Bronze sponsors